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How to go live on TikTok
How to go live on TikTok

Streaming to TikTok from your desktop

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1. Select your streaming mode:

Loola enables streaming either directly with a webcam and microphone, or with an external software (such as OBS) using RTMP key.

If you are using external software such as OBS/Streamlabs/vMix etc. select RTMP mode:

2. Configure your streaming software (RTMP mode only):

You will need to set the Loola RTMP Key and Server URL in your streaming software.

Next, start streaming at your streaming software, this will start the video preview in Loola (it won't make you go live yet).

3. Connect your TikTok account:

4. Enable desired destinations:

5. Click Go Live:

The Go Live button will become enabled once there a video preview (either RTMP or Webcam mode), and at least one Stream to destination is enabled.

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