7-2021 Update: TikTok streaming is currently disabled for most users. You need to be enabled for 3rd party streaming by TikTok in order to stream to TikTok via Loola.

Typical reasons for broadcast termination could be connectivity issues or audio/video source issues.

Connectivity issues:

  1. The network is behind a firewall or VPN

  2. Network disconnects occur: may happen on WiFi environments with multiple hotspots

  3. A Chrome extension is blocking some network activity (AdBlock, popup blocker) 

  4. A web security software (Norton, AVG, etc.) is blocking loola.tv from operating properly

Video/Audio issues:

  1. There's no audio source selected, or the audio source is invalid.

  2. A virtual camera source fails to send a constant video stream to the browser

Wrong Encoder settings in RTMP mode:
For example: the H264 profile is set to "high" instead of "main"

Solving Connectivity Issues:

  1. Make sure no firewall, Chrome extension, or other software is blocking network activity. Specifically, AdBlock and other popup blockers are known to cause issues.

  2. Run the following connectivity test: https://test.webrtc.org/?turnURI=turn%3Aturn.loola.tv%3A80&turnUsername=janususer&turnCredential=januspwd&stunURI=stun%3Aturn.loola.tv%3A80

(results should look like this):

3. Try switching to a wired connection 

Solving Video/Audio issues:

  1. If you are using a virtual camera device, retry broadcasting with the build-in webcam or a physical USB webcam. If It solves the broadcast disconnects, then the issue may be in the virtual camera driver. 

  2. Try changing the audio source.

Encoder Settings:

See the following articles:

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