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Live Ended Unexpectedly
Live Ended Unexpectedly

Handling broadcast interruptions

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Typical reasons for broadcast termination could be connectivity issues or audio/video source issues.

Connectivity issues:

  1. The network is behind a firewall or VPN

  2. Network disconnects occur: may happen on WiFi environments with multiple hotspots

  3. A Chrome extension is blocking some network activity (AdBlock, popup blocker) 

  4. A web security software (Norton, AVG, etc.) is blocking from operating properly

Video/Audio issues:

  1. There's no audio source selected, or the audio source is invalid.

  2. A virtual camera source fails to send a constant video stream to the browser

Wrong Encoder settings in RTMP mode:
For example: the H264 profile is set to "high" instead of "main"

Solving Connectivity Issues:

  1. Make sure no firewall, Chrome extension, or other software is blocking network activity. Specifically, AdBlock and other popup blockers are known to cause issues.

(results should look like this):

3. Try switching to a wired connection 

Solving Video/Audio issues:

  1. If you are using a virtual camera device, retry broadcasting with the build-in webcam or a physical USB webcam. If It solves the broadcast disconnects, then the issue may be in the virtual camera driver. 

  2. Try changing the audio source.

Encoder Settings:

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