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Loola Referral Program
Loola Referral Program

Learn how our referral program works, how much can you earn and how you and your friends can benefit from using this program

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Meet the Loola Referral Program, a fantastic way to share multistreaming tools with your friends while earning rewards.

How much will I earn?

If you invite a new user to subscribe to our Services by sharing a Referral Link and your referral friend gets a paid subscription, you will earn 10 USD.

Important: Earnings from upgraded referrals will be added to your balance after 60 days of the subscription being active.

Cash-out of Referral Credits

In order to cash out your affiliate fee you will need to connect your PayPal account at the affiliate dashboard. At this time we don't offer other payment methods. Payout will occur automatically to your PayPal on the first day of the month once you've reached a $60 balance.

Will my referral friend earn anything?

Yes! Your friends get a $10 Loola Credit when they use your special offer Promo Code. You can find your promo code at your affiliate dashboard.

How to share the referral link?

Go to the Dashboard section inside your affiliate account, copy the link and send it to your referral friend. To share on social media, click on the logo of the respective platform to create quick posts and messages.
You can customize your link and also create multiple referral links.

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