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How to share my live stream to IGTV?
How to share my live stream to IGTV?

Sharing your video to Instagram's IGTV

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There are currently 3 main ways to share to IGTV -

Sharing through History:

Broadcasts that were streamed to Instagram can be shared to IGTV after the broadcast ends.

In order to share to IGTV, open the Loola History section and select a video that was streamed to Instagram:

Such a video will have a "Share to IGTV" button. Simply click it to share the video.

The sharing process may take a couple of seconds and on success, you'll get the following:


  • The video is shared to the currently connected Instagram account

  • A video can't be shared more than once

  • If you delete the video from IGTV (using your mobile device), you can re-share it from Loola

Sharing through Instagram's Live Archive:

All lives that were streamed via Loola should be saved to the Live Archive by default.

You can select a saved live from your mobile Instagram app and share it to IGTV (only if it's longer than 15 minutes).

To view your Live Archive open Instagram on your mobile device and select:

Profile --> Menu --> Archive --> Live

Manually Sharing to IGTV:

In case the above method doesn't work, you may try the following alternative:

  1. Download the video to your desktop

  2. Upload the video manually using the Instagram website:

First, log in to on your browser

Click your profile:

Select the IGTV tab:

Click Upload:

Follow the instructions.

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