Broadcasts that were streamed to Instagram can be shared to IGTV after the broadcast ends.

In order to share to IGTV, open the Loola History section and select a video that was streamed to Instagram:

Such video will have a "Share to IGTV" button. Simply click it to share the video.

The sharing process may take couple seconds, and on success you'll get the following:


  • The video is shared to the currently connected Instagram account
  • A video can't be shared more than once
  • If you delete the video from IGTV (using your mobile device), you can re-share it from Loola

Manually Sharing to IGTV:

In case the above method doesn't work, you may try to following alternative:

  1. Download the video to your desktop
  2. Upload the video manually using the Instagram website:

First, login to on your browser

Click your profile:

Select the IGTV tab:

Click Upload:

Follow the instructions.

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