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How Can I Minimize Latency?
How Can I Minimize Latency?

Reducing live streaming lag time

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If you watch the live stream in real time in the social channels, you will notice a delay of anywhere between 5-20 seconds between the video preview in the Loola Studio and the video in the social channel.
This delay happens due to buffering and some format conversions in the social networks and is not caused by Loola (Loola adds about 0.5 sec of lag time).

Note: even though there's a delay, the audio and video should be in sync while watching the social channels.  
For further reading about streaming latency see:

Set Keyframe Interval:

When streaming from RTMP source (using OBS or similar software), setting a keyframe interval of 2 seconds can reduce latency. Check the following article:

Some platforms have configuration that can help reducing the lag time.

Open the YouTube Studio Live settings:

Make sure that the Default stream is selected:

At the Stream Options select "Low-Latency":

Twitter / Periscope:
Open the Periscope Producer settings page at:

Identify the Loola Source settings and check the "Low Latency" checkbox:

To disable or enable low latency on your channel, head to your dashboard. Click the Hamburger icon, then open the Preferences drop down menu and select Channel. Latency mode settings can be found under the Stream Key & Preferences section at the top of the page. Here, you can pick Low latency or Normal latency.

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