Yes. You have two options: External Video and NDI.

vMix External Video (virtual camera)

First, make sure that "vMix Video / Streaming" is checked in the vMix settings.
Note: in order to support vertical 1080p (720x1280) in Loola, set the output height in vMix to be equal or larger than 1280:

Next, click the "External" button in vMix:

Next, select vMix in Loola and set desired resolution:

Note: the integral vMix Virtual Camera driver support video only. To get audio out of vMix, see the NDI option below.

vMix and NDI:

The video/audio flow: vMix --> NDI --> Loola --> Social Platforms

Start by with enabling NDI output in vMix:

More details here:

Next, run the NDI Virtual Input:

Next, configure NDI to show the vMix output.

Next, select NDI audio and video sources in Loola:

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