Can I use Wirecast with Loola?

Setting up Wirecast to work with Loola

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Yes. There are two ways to use Wirecast with Loola: 

  1. Webcam mode

  2. RTMP mode

In Webcam mode you will either use the build-in Wirecast Virtual Camera and Virtual Microphone, or the NDI Output.
In RTMP mode, you set RTMP URL and RTMP Key and stream directly to the Loola servers.

Setting output resolution:

In order use the full frame in vertical apps like Instagram, set the desired canvas size in Wirecast (Output > Canvas Size > Vertical 9:16):

RTMP Mode:

Webcam Mode:

Using Wirecast Virtual Camera:

  1. Output > Virtual Camera Out > Match Canvas

  2. Enable Virtual Microphone (from the same menu)

  3. Click Start (above the resolution list)

After clicking Start, you may be asked to install the Virtual Camera driver:

Once the virtual camera and microphone are started, it should look like the following in Wirecast:

After installing the driver, you have to restart Google Chrome (completely restart the browser, not just page refresh).

Once the virtual camera and microphone are started, select them as both video and audio sources in Loola.

Note for Mac Users:

The Wirecast virtual microphone might appear is "Data Source Item 0" in Wirecast 12:

More info about the Wirecast virtual camera and microphone:

Using NDI Output:

For this you will need to install NDI Tools and more specifically the NDI Virtual Input that is part of the NDI Tools package. Once installed, Wirecast can become an NDI source:

  1. Output > NDI Output > Match Canvas

  2. Output > NDI Output > Start

3. In the NDI Virtual Input, select Wirecast

4. In Loola select NewTek NDI Video and Audio as the sources

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