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How Can I Share My Desktop?
How Can I Share My Desktop?

How Can I Share My Screen via Loola?

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Depending on your streaming mode (Webcam/RTMP), you can share your desktop with Loola.

In RTMP mode, simply add Screen Capture source in your encoding software (e.g. OBS).

In Webcam mode, simply click the Screenshare button:

You'll then have the option to select between 3 sharing options (Chrome Tab, another app and Full Screen).

Desktop Audio sharing:

In "Chrome Tab" and "Entire Screen" you can select to share also the desktop audio.

This is useful if you are sharing a video or game and would like to capture also the audio.

Note that in order to prevent feedback loop, your Tab/Desktop audio will be muted in your speakers once you start the screenshare, however the audio will be streamed out. You can check this by watching the channel you stream to. Once you disable screenshare, the audio will be restored to your local speakers.

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