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How to configure Zoom with Loola

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Note: streaming Zoom meetings requires a Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account with Zoom.

Enable Meetings Streaming at Zoom

Open Account Settings:

Check the box next to "Custom Live Streaming Service":

Set the Loola RTMP Key and URL:

Open Zoom, and start a meeting.

Click the More (3-dots) menu and select "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service":

Enter your Loola RTMP Key and the Loola RTMP Server.

In the "Live streaming page URL" enter your public social channel:

Click Go Live!.

Once Zoom finishes the setup, you will see the Zoom meeting in the Loola studio (make sure you are in RTMP mode):

Click Go Live in Loola to go live on your social channel.

Re-configuring the Loola RTMP Key in Zoom:

If you need to re-configure your Loola RTMP Server URL or Key in Zoom, do the following:

Open Meeting Settings:

Click the Personal Room Tab:

Under the Personal Room tab, click the Live Streaming tab:

Click Edit and enter the updated settings.

Next time you will start a Zoom call and select the Custom Live Streaming Service - the updated settings will be used.

Removing the Zoom watermark:

Removing the Zoom watermark requires a Business, Enterprise, or Education Zoom account.

See more info here:

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