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How to Set a Custom Destination

Configuring a Custom Channel

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This article explains how to stream from Loola to 3rd party websites.

If you are looking to stream to Loola from OBS and similar software, see the following article:

In order to set a Custom Destination you will need the RTMP Server URL and the RTMP Stream Key of the 3rd party server you would like to send the stream to.


1. Open the Settings Page by clicking the gear icon next to the Go Live button:

2. Click the Custom icon:

Enter your full Server URL and RTMP Key:


  • Include the prefix rtmp:// or rtmps:// as part of your server URL

  • Don't enter your own Loola RTMP Key here! (your Loola RTMP Key should go into OBS)

Next, click CONNECT and make sure that the Custom RTMP Destination is enabled:

Setting Username/Password:

Some RTMP ingest servers requires authentication.

In such case, you'll have to include the username and password in the Server URL. For example:



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