How to Connect Your Twitch Account

How to set up Twitch

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On the Loola Setting Page, click the Twitch icon and sign-in with your Twitch account:

You'll be asked to login to Twitch, or, if you are already logged-in to Twitch, you'll be taken back to Loola.

You can verify that you have properly connected Twitch by clicking again the Twitch icon in the Loola Settings Page and looking for the "Connected with @YourHandle" message:

If you'd like to link a different Twitch account, you need to Disconnect the existing account in Loola and log-out from Twitch (or switch to the new Twitch account) before trying to re-connect.

Make sure to enable Twitch before going live:

Some new Twitch accounts may be blocked from broadcasting to Twitch.
If your Twitch account can't be linked in Loola, try enabling Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) in Twitch and then reconnect at Loola.
Check your Twitch security settings to enable 2FA:


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