How to Connect Your Twitter Account

How to set up Twitter / Periscope

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Going Live on Twitter requires a Periscope account (Periscope is Twitter's Live streaming platform).
If you don't already have a Periscope account, you can open one for free at:
During the Periscope account setup, you'll be asked to link your Twitter account.

Once you have a Periscope account linked to your Twitter account, it's simple to link it in Loola:
On the Loola Setting Page, click the Twitter icon and sign-in with your Twitter account:

You'd be asked to login to your Periscope account and once you do, you'll be asked to authorize Loola:

After authorizing you'll be taken back to Loola.

You can verify that you are properly connected to Twitter by clicking the Twitter icon in the Loola Settings page and looking for the "Connected with @YourHandle" message:

Make sure to enable Twitter before going live:


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