How to Connect and Go Live on Facebook

Connect Loola with Facebook Live

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Streaming to Facebook Live can be done by using a Facebook persistent RTMP Stream Key.

Connecting your Facebook account with Loola:

2. Select "Go Live"

3. Select "Streaming Software":

4. Click the Advance Settings and enable "Persistent stream key":

5. Copy the Stream Key and paste in Loola:

6. Paste into Loola:

Click Connect to save your Persistent RTMP Key in Loola.

(there's no need to copy the Facebook Server URL to Loola)

Note: The Facebook channel configuration can be accessed via:

Going live on Facebook with Loola:

Prepare your stream settings on the Facebook producer:

1. Set your stream destination and privacy on Facebook Producer:

2. Make sure that Facebook is enabled in the Loola Studio:

3. Click Go Live in Loola (this will not go Live on Facebook yet):

4. Make sure that you can see the video preview in Facebook Live Producer:

5. Click Go Live in the Facebook Live Producer (this will get you Live on Facebook):

6. To End the Live, simply click the End button in Loola (this will also end the Live in Facebook):


  • You must open the Facebook Live Producer and enable the Persistent RTMP Key before going live in Loola

  • Chat comments are only visible in the Facebook Live Producer (not sent to Loola)

  • Setting the Facebook destination (Feed, Page, Group) and privacy is done via the Facebook Live Producer

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