Adobe Flash is required in order to preview RTMP video in browser.

Chrome Browser

Starting version 76, Chrome automatically blocks Flash and it need to be enabled manually.

How to enable Flash in Chrome:

Note: You'll need to re-enable Flash after restarting Chrome.

If you don't see the Flash settings when clicking the lock icon, open the Chrome settings page (copy & paste the URL to the Chrome address bar):

More info about fixing Flash issues in Chrome:

Opera Browser

You may need to install the Flash plugin from the Adobe website: 

Enabling Flash in Opera is done in a similar way:

If you don't see the Flash option, click the Site settings option:

Next, change the Flash settings from the Ask (default) to Allow:

Close the settings page and reload the main Loola page.


You may need to install the Flash plugin:
(after installing the plugin - restart Firefox)

Click the plugin icon in the Firefox address bar and enable Flash.

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