In order to connect Instagram with Loola, you need to be able to login to Instagram with your Facebook account.


  • A specific Facebook account can only be associate with a single Instagram account.
  • Currently, a Facebook page can't be used to login to Instagram. You must use a Facebook profile.

Linking Facebook and Instagram

In order to link a Facebook account with Instagram, follow the steps below on you mobile device:

  1. On the Facebook mobile app, login with the Facebook account you wish to link with Instagram.
  2. On the Instagram mobile app, login to the account you wish to associate with Facebook using your regular password.
  3. On Instagram go to: Settings --> Account --> Linked Accounts --> Facebook:

4. Click Connect:

5. Optional: select to share to Facebook (you can select "Not Now"):

6. The Facebook icon should become blue once the account is linked:

You should now be able to logout of the Instagram app and re-login using "Login with Facebook"

Unliking Facebook and Instagram:

If you already have a Facebook account linked with your Instagram account, but you wish to change either the Instagram account or the Facebook account, follow these steps on your mobile device:

  1. Login to the Instagram account you wish to unlink from Facebook.
  2. On Instagram go to: Settings --> Account --> Linked Accounts --> Facebook --> Unlink Account 
  3. On the Facebook mobile app, make sure you are logged in to the account you wish to re-associate with Instagram.
  4. Follow the steps above to link Facebook and Instagram

Additional information can be found at Instagram's help pages: 

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