Important: please read Instagram's Community Guidelines and make sure you follow them before using Loola.

Loola uses the secure "Login with Facebook" method to bind with your Instagram account. Loola does not collect your login username, password or phone number.
You need to be able to login to Instagram using your Facebook account.
If you haven't yet linked your Facebook account with Instagram, see the following:


  1. On your mobile device, make sure you can login to Instagram with your Facebook account by logging out of Instagram and re-login using Facebook.
  2. On your desktop, you must use Google Chrome during the setup process.
  3. Make sure to disable any popup blocker or AdBlocker.
  4. On your desktop, login to the Facebook account associated with your Instagram account.
  5. On Loola, click the Instagram icon and follow the instructions (you will be asked to install the Loola Chrome extension). 

In certain cases, Instagram would ask you to confirm your identity. Confirm by opening Instagram on your mobile device and select "This Was Me":
(for better security, it is always better to have a recovery email and phone number set up in Instagram.) 

If connecting your Instagram account didn't succeed after clicking "This Was Me", please follow this guide: "This Was Me" isn't working

Two-Factor Authentication
If you have this turned on for your Instagram account, please make sure to select "Text Message" as your authentication message. Loola currently doesn't support authentication through an Authentication App.

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