Can I Use Ecamm Live With Loola?

Ecamm Live

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Ecamm Live is a livestreaming production platform for Mac.
You can download a free trial of Ecamm here:

You can use Ecamm Live with Loola is two mode:

  1. Webcam mode: by installing a virtual camera 

  2. RTMP mode: by streaming RTMP directly from Ecamm to the Loola servers

RTMP mode enables greater stability, quality and control over the stream parameters, while Webcam mode is more suitable for limited network bandwidth scenarios. 

RTMP Mode:

Webcam Mode:

To get Ecamm's video into Loola, you will need to use its Virtual Cam feature, which only available for Pro subscribers.

  1. Open Ecamm

  2. Make sure you're logged in to your Ecamm account and your subscription is Pro.

  3. Click on "Output" tab.

  4. Under "Virtual Cam" - Click "Install Virtual Cam".

  5. Restart your Mac after installation is finished.

  6. Open Ecamm, go to Output -> Virtual Cam -> Make sure it's On.

  7. Open Google Chrome

  8. You can now select Ecamm Virtual Cam from your webcam sources.

Make sure to open Chrome only after Ecamm is up and running with Virtual Cam is on. (Or restart Chrome).

If Chrome can't find the Ecamm virtual camera, try using Opera browser instead.

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