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How to Change Background Color
How to Change Background Color

How to set a background color for your stream

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You can change the background color while being live!

Every stream with Loola have a background color.
The reason is that Loola can stream to multiple social networks at once, and every social network have different resolution.

For example, If the selected resolution on Loola is Landscape and you stream to Instagram, which is in Portrait resolution, we will fill the blank spots with a color for you to choose.
(The reason we don't stretch the video is that it will reduce video quality A LOT.)

If the chosen resolution on Loola is portrait, the background color will be shown only as the background color of the Headline (if selected).

To set the background color, click on the Layout button in the features panel:

Click on the background color, and choose a color as you wish, then click Apply.

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