OBS Virtual Camera plugin (Video only):

VB Audio Virtual Cable (Audio only):

 *After installing any plug-in, please restart the browser.*

Note: There's no need to click start streaming in OBS when you stream with Loola, simply set your scene in OBS and let the virtual camera pass the video and audio to Loola.
In case you do click Start Streaming in OBS, you should expect a higher CPU consumption (due to double video encoding taking place both in OBS and Loola).

How to select OBS Virtual Camera in Loola:

Audio Driver Setup:

Important: the CABLE audio driver routes all desktop sounds to a virtual microphone that is used as the audio source in Loola. Hence, make sure to mute your playback in case you are watching your broadcast in Twitch/YouTube to prevent audio feedback. 

  1. Download the VB Audio Cable from https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm
  2. Extract the archive to temporary folder and run VBCABLE_Setup_x64.exe as an administrator . You may need to restart your computer.
  3. Type "manage audio" in the Windows search bar and select "manage audio devices"
  4. On the Playback tab, select the CABLE Input as the default device:

5. On the Recording tab, select the CABLE Output as the default device:

6. Open the Cable Output properties, and on the Listen tab enable "Listen to this device". Next, select your output device (headphones are recommended):

7. You should now hear all desktop sounds on your headphones.

OBS Setup:

  1. Set your sources

2. On the Mixer, open the Advanced Audio Properties:

3. Enable only your microphone for monitor (this will enable you to hear yourself in the headphones):

4. Start the OBS Virtual Camera (Tools --> VirtualCam):

5. There's NO NEED to click "Start Streaming" in OBS

At this stage, you should be able to hear both the game/desktop sounds and your mic in the headphones. 

Loola Setup:

  1. Select OBS-Camera as the video source
  2. Select CABLE Output as the audio source
  3. Select desired resolution (make sure OBS video settings supports your resolution)
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