The OBS output resolution must match the selected resolution in Loola.

Note: after changing output resolution in OBS, you'll need to restart the Virtual Camera (Tools --> VirtualCam).

Setting Landscape resolution:

Starting the virtual camera (Tools --> Virtual Cam):

Selecting resolution in Loola:

Setting Portrait resolution:

Important notes

  • In order to avoid black lines in apps like Instagram or Tiktok, please use a 9:16 aspect ratio resolution both in OBS and in Loola.
  • In order to get vertical resolution of 720x1280, first set the resolution in OBS, then restart the virtual camera and lastly select the 720x1280 resolution in Loola. Loola won't switch to 1280x720 if the OBS virtual camera isn't started at the correct resolution.

Setting resolution in OBS: you'll need to manually type "720x1280" into the Base box.

Next, set set Virtual Camera to "keep Aspect Ratio" and click Start:

Lastly, select the proper source and resolution in Loola:

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