In order to connect your UpLive account with Loola, you will need to provide the email or phone number you use to login into Uplive and your password. This only needs to be done once and you're good to go. 

If you don't use a password to login to, you will need to create one by following these steps:

  1. Open the Profile Settings in the Uplive app
  2. Open “Account bind”
  3. Add an email or phone number (it’ll send you verification message)
  4. After successfully adding the email and/or phone number and verifying it, logout from the app and re-login with the newly added email/phone (make sure to select email/phone login at the app opening screen). 
  5. Follow the instructions, you will be asked to create a password
  6. After you successfully logged with the new email/phone to the Uplive app, get back to Loola and provide this email or phone number along with the password you just created
  7. Please note that the phone number shouldn't include any dashes, spaces, the "+" sign or any leading zeros before the country code. An example for a valid US number: 18184569022

Note: you need to be at level 5 or higher in order to stream live in UpLive.

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