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How can I enable Camera/Microphone in Chrome?
How can I enable Camera/Microphone in Chrome?

Solving issues with video or audio not showing in Loola

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Loola requires access to both camera and microphone sources. Virtual cameras and virtual microphones can be used.
On your first visit to Loola, you will be asked to grant camera and microphone access.
If you see an error regarding no video/audio access, you can enable it by clicking the lock icon at the Chrome address bar:

Alternatively, you can enter the following URLs, and remove from the list of blocked sites:



If Loola still complains that either camera or audio are unavailable, please open the following page:

Check both the Audio input source dropdown and the Video source dropdown that your video and audio sources are listed. Remember, you must have at least one video and one audio source to use Loola.

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