How to connect your YouTube account

How to set up YouTube

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Your YouTube account is automatically connected when you sign-in to Loola. You will be asked to grant Loola permissions to access your YouTube account.

Note: by streaming to YouTube you agree to the YouTube terms:

: If you've never streamed live in YouTube, you must stream at least once from the YouTube mobile/desktop app (can be a 10 seconds test).

Enabling your channel for Live Streaming:

If you've never streamed live in YouTube, you will need to enable your channel for live streaming.
Please follow the instructions here:

Note: some brand pages claim that the channel isn't enabled for live streaming. To resolve this, try to go live directly from the YouTube studio or YouTube mobile app at least once, and then retry in Loola.

​Set your Stream Now privacy settings:
Open the following link and make sure that Privacy is set to Public:
(It's under the Basic Info section)

If you still can't connect your account, see troubleshooting guide here:

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